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3D Designs

Here are some of the designs that I have created. All of these are available to download for free on thingiverse. I also have more "Things" currently in the works. 

Resin Strainer:
Digital light processing (DLP) printers use a vat of resin and an LCD display using UV light to cure each layer. These printers produce amazing prints, however they require more work and "post processing".  once the print is finished you must rinse the object off in isopropyl alcohol. The resin is also extremly toxic and you cannot touch it with your bare hands before you rinse it off. This is why I designed this tool to dip the part in the alcohol.  I kept dropping the part in my bowl. this solves that problem.  


UV Curing Box:
As stated above, DLP prints are made by shining a UV Light at a wavelength of 405nm for each layer. Once the print is finished they require to be cured by UV rays. This can be achieved by setting the prints out in the sun, but I developed this box to work alongside my UV lightbar to cure my prints.

Talsiman Organizer:
After struggling with organizing the game peices for talisman I decided to design this so game setup and takedown would be much quicker. 


Talisman Tray:
 This was one of my first designs. Like the design above it helps organize game peices for Talisman 4th Edition. The difference between these is that this organizer is designed to hold all of a players objects while playing the game.  If you have ever played Talisman, you know that by the end of the game the whole table is a disorganized mess of cards and game pieces.  This solves that problem.  the slits for holding objects go across the bottom of the tray and are slanted at a 45 degree angle for readability.

Pathfinder/D&D Character Box:
 After learning about wood filament I wanted to design a box for my Pathfinder character. I designed this box to hold the character, dice, and pencil all in one location.


Ball bering Spool holder:
I designed this spool holder using another Thingiverse user's design I changed this up to be a standalone design rather than having to be attached to the printer itself.  This design allows you to easily remove and replace spools of filament in seconds.  You can also add ball berings to improve the quality of your print


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