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Memoranda Bus Tours

Learning to manage, maintain, and alter a massive code base.



 Memoranda is an open source scheduling software. It allows users to input events, notes and other important features. 


Making it useful!

With the growth of companies like Google, software like Memoranda has become outdated and unnessessary from the planning prospective. We were tasked with taking the existing project and morphing it into something more useful.


Integrating API's-

One really cool feature that we added was adding the google maps API to calculate the shortest or the most time efficent routes for the busses to take.

Goals for this app:
The main purpose of this application was to learn how to manage/adapt a large existing code base with the agile/scrum processes, and how to use Github.

I had worked with sites like github before however not at this scale.  We had larger teams of 7 to 10 people which introduced new variables into source code managment.

This project was early on in my junior year but I am still proud of what I learned and my contributions to the app. 


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